Vote Conservative on Thursday

"Pease support me by voting Conservative on Thursday. Our vote nearly doubled in Hallam in 2017 and last year I beat the Liberals in the Sheffield Mayoral election.

Why I am standing in Sheffield Hallam

I am the one candidate whose views will actually have influence on the government for the benefit of Sheffield.

 I was born and bred in Hallam and spent most of my working life running exporting manufacturing companies in Sheffield.

Ian Walker working hard for local community

It is nearly two and a half years since the last general election and soon voters in Sheffield Hallam will have an opportunity to return a Conservative MP with a heart for the community and who will be a serious and dedicated hard worker for the interests of all in the constituency.

Explained: A deal that takes back control

"The choice was this deal, which enables us to take back control and to build a brighter future for our country, or going back to square one with more division, more uncertainty and a failure to deliver on the referendum."