This Thursday it’s simple – vote Conservative to get Theresa May back to Downing Street

It has come to our attention that there is a targeted letter doing the rounds from the Liberal Democrats, signed by a Mr Harthman.

I can confirm that this letter is in NO WAY authorised or agreed with by me or the Conservative Party. This letter has been sent by the Liberal Democrats.

The only way to support Theresa May in the forthcoming Brexit negotiations is to elect a Conservative candidate in Hallam. Electing either Labour or Liberal Democrat here makes little difference as either would seek to frustrate Theresa May's negotiating hand and the Liberal Democrats could prop up Jeremy Corbyn as they have called for an “anti-Conservative force”.

Interestingly, at a hustings on Friday, Labour concluded that this is a three horse race with each of us having a roughly equal chance of winning. It's all to play for.

The only way to regain Conservative representation in Hallam is to vote Conservative on Thursday and I would ask you to vote for me, the Conservative candidate!

Thank you for your support.

Ian Walker